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Bashir Dawood’s Transplant Operation Theatre Complex

Charity is a noble deed and in today’s world, people having such a generous nature are a jewel to the entire mankind. There are many fields where people give charities and donations but it is seen that charity in the medical field is most praiseworthy.

There are some people who do charity to please the deity while there are some others who are themselves of such a charitable nature. The Dawood family (Bashir Dawood) of Pakistan is very well known around the globe for their extensive charitable nature and their contributions in the field of healthcare and education.

SIUT’s Transplant Operation Theatre Complex

SIUT is a Pakistani organisation and is renowned for achieving a milestone of inaugurating Pakistan’s first Transplant Centre named Bashir Dawood Transplant operation theatre Complex. Not only it is the first of its kind in Pakistan, but also it is setup with the help of Bashir Dawood’s generous donations and efforts.

What is the need of transplant centre?

This operation centre will benefit one of the most important medical treatment in today’s world i.e. organ transplant. Many people suffer fromparticular organ damage and for survival; they need only another organ from some donor. Organ transplant is a not an easy task and requires a lot of resources and expert doctors. Now with the establishment of SIUT’s Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre Complex, the people of Pakistan need not worry about suffering from organ damage. They need not travel abroad for such treatments and can afford it n their own country as well.

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