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The wedding story of newly married Lisa Gwee and Ganesh Ramalingam

If you want to know the story of the marriage of newlyweds Lisa Gwee and Dr Ganesh Ramalingam, then you have to keep up with this information. With the information, we are going to give you some details about their wedding.Both work in a clinic and are good surgeons, they invited their friends and family members to their wedding party, and they invited them to start their new lives. The marriage of Lisa Gwee and Ganesh Ramalingam will be memorable as the manner in which she performed was a commendable compliment.You may have seen different types of weddings, but you would not have seen a wedding like these, the way they invited people by showing their blessings, it was very nice to people.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

When Dr Ganesh Ramalingam saw Lisa Gwee’s eyes for the first time, he kept looking at all the people who had come to the party. All the members who were associated with the G &L Surgical Clinic were present at the party, and we also talked to them. The doctor told me that the party used to do a lot and they enjoyed it a lot there.

Their pair attracted the medical world a lot as they have started a very good party organization from time to time for each other, and now they are united forever. The doctor managed the party well and made the people happy.The doctor planned the theme wedding, which is very much discussed nowadays and invited many people to the party and gave them the complete information on the invitation letter.

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